Fantastic crossover appeal... ”

Meet "Sawyer"...

Meet the band known as "Sawyer".

Hailing from suburban Philadelphia, and armed with boatloads of soul  music; "Sawyer",  is ready to become a mainstream music household name by next year. Led by the  28 year old with the star powered voice, lead vocalist Jacob Sawyer, also is a star on the guitar as well. The group recorded their first song many years ago while attending Alvernia College, located 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia. 

Dope Hitz Entertainment has agreed to a distribution deal and the highly anticipated 4 track EP "Soul City", is now ready for release.

The release date of the debut single "Down Motown", is set for early Fall 2019. 

All 4 of these tracks are loaded with beautiful melodies and easy sing a-long hooks...that one day the entire family. They are sure to be played at every dive bar for the next 20 years. Sawyer delivers a soul driven twist of good old classic Rock n' Roll... with a heavy dose of motown soul music. 



                                         -Dope Hitz Entertainment 2019

Catch Sawyer playing almost every weekend this summer at venues all over the tri-state area.

-Dope Hitz Entertainment 2019

These songs are absolutely fantastic!”




This rocks to the moon and back...”

— Tunecore Fan Review

The amount of pure SOUL in this one song alone should take your freakin’ breath away.”

...guaranteed to keep you dancing all night long.”